Welcome to the Effortless Action Newsletter

Welcome to the Effortless Action Newsletter

Welcome to the first-ever edition of the Effortless Action Newsletter! (I guess by the numbering system, it might be the zero-eth though?)

My name is Joe, and I’m excited to share my learnings on how we can make taking action more effortless.


If you do a Google search for “Effortless Action” you’ll find pages upon pages of information about “Wu Wei.”

This is a Taoist concept which translates to (you guessed it) “Effortless Action.” While this is something we’ll take a look at eventually, this newsletter isn’t about Taoism (though if you know of one, please do let me know).

Instead, the inspiration comes from the secular meaning of those two words, and how we can apply it to our lives. We will touch on some spiritual philosophies, but we’ll also explore neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, philosophy, and everything in between.

What this newsletter isn’t

A productivity hack & time management newsletter

They have their place, but this won’t be. The world is swarming with productivity content. This email will get deeper. Instead of focusing on hacks, we’ll be more focused on systems. There may be a tip or two here and there, but no issues deep diving into what time blocking is.

Trying to make it seem “Easy”

Unfortunately, as much as we’d love it to be easy, at the end of the day, taking action is still going to be difficult. There are no promises here that it’ll be easy, but we can make improvements to make it more effortless.

A sales funnel

As of right now, I have no intention of selling you anything. And if I ever do, I promise you that it won’t be pitched in every single email. This email will bring disproportionate value compared to any sort of product pitches.

What to expect

Action-oriented information

Every week you’ll have something that you can try, an actionable insight you can experiment with. A system you can build.

Some people are next-level intellectual philosophers that make you ponder your world-view. Unfortunately, you wont find that here. Instead, we’ll be breaking down…

Everything from research to anecdotes, and science to spirituality

Leveraging different walks of life, from biology to spirituality, we can draw links and experiment with different strategies. (Quantum physics and Buddhism may have more similarities than you think.)

Most of the time, we’ll draw on different sources and make action-oriented conclusions with…

A focus on systems

We’ll be working on removing willpower from the equation as much as possible, and designing systems that guide us towards our goals. Like I said, we’ll be straying away from your stereotypical “productivity hacks” and focus on systems that last.

Welcome to the journey

While I can’t guarantee exactly where this newsletter will go, I can promise that every Wednesday you’ll have a neat little gift in your inbox on our journey to our best life through effortless (and joyful) action! 😁