The Growth of Content Paywalls

The Growth of Content Paywalls

Today I watched a video of a self-development Youtuber announcing his course. In there, he states:

“We’ve been beta testing a 3 step productivity system, and we’ve been running loads and loads of beta testers through the system. This 3 step system is something that we’ve discovered takes somebody who knows deep down they have more within them, that they aren’t being the person they want to become. So you’re effortlessly able to be productive all day.”

The quote isn’t exact, but isn’t exaggerated either. It’s full of promises of turning your life around, making hard work easy, and bringing you all the way from who you are today to the famous millionaire stud you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll be able to work yourself all day without even trying.

The best part? It’s only $500. But if you want exclusive access to the course trainer, that’ll cost you 5 figures.

I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty pricey to me for someone to tell you their 3 step productivity system via a few pre-recorded video.

I came across another product on Twitter today.

It was an intro to no-code, with the course creator telling you that it’ll take you from “zero to one,” and it was “everything you need to know about no-code.” For around $50 (which is apparently half off), you get an 80 minute video. EVERYTHING you need to know in 80 minutes. It’s full of rave testimonials of those saying how great this guy from screenshots of Twitter DMs.

Inside the product, you learn what no code is, what can be built, how to start, what tools to pick, what opportunities are there, and where to learn to build apps. For normally $100, he tells you how to start learning.

Why not just start learning?

All of that info can be found for free on this channel. She also has a two-hour video on how to actually use Bubble, one of the go-to no-code app builders.

Maybe I’m just cynical, but there’s been a large uptick in people becoming creators online, and pushing content just so you’ll buy their product. Everyone has something to sell you.

I’m not trying to bash anyone’s careers, but there’s a thin moral line for modern course creators between making a living online and providing value to others. Some of them are more than helpful — I took one to get my digital marketing career started, and it was helpful in teaching me the basics and putting me on the right path. Not to mention the cohort-based courses, where the teacher is hands-on with you and you have a class of peers. High-level courses are great to take your systems to the next level, but usually isn’t necessary for every-day people on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some content that is worth the money for the right people. But a majority of the time, this is all information you can learn via books, articles, and videos online. A quote that I come across frequently is “you don’t need more information, you need more action.”

Want my three step productivity system to achieve anything in life?

  1. Know what you want (get super clear on the end goal and next steps)
  2. Set up you & your environment for success (no distractions, well-rested)
  3. Just get started (take the first step)

How about my thoughts on how to get started with no-code?


The internet is a treasure trove of great information, but more and more people are putting paywalls on it for their own benefit. Be careful with who you trust on the internet, and even more careful with who you give your money to. Definitely support the creators you love, but be wary of those who are just trying to steal your money.

Gathering information is easy, taking action is hard. Get clarity on what you want, consume enough content so you know how to get there, then start taking action on small things to learn and grow.

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