Showing Up is Enough

Showing Up is Enough

Yesterday I posted a blog right at the end of the day, only taking a couple of minutes to compose it before bed. I wasn’t really happy with it. It’s unstructured, brief, and not helpful.

But that’s okay.

Showing up and sticking with your habits and commitments is tough as it is, it’s fine to have bad days.

I recently finished an 8-week workout program. Not every day was a good day. Some days I had no energy and felt like a weakling. Some days I had to push the workout and shift the schedule a little bit. And again, that’s okay. I still did all 32 workouts, regardless of how any of those days went. My #bod is in the best spot that it’s just about ever been.

Same goes for me creating these blog posts. At the end of these 31 days, I will have 31 blog posts under my belt, and will most likely be a better writer than I was before.

You don’t have to execute perfectly on your goals every day. Simply showing up and making progress will get you farther than expecting perfection day in and out.