Perfectionism's Effect on Reading Books

Perfectionism's Effect on Reading Books

Reading books is hard. In order to extract every ounce of knowledge, you need to do an initial skim of the book, then go back and read all of the headings and graphs, then actually read the book. While reading, you have to take notes and highlight the important nuggets of wisdom. Not to mention summarizing the book afterward to help distill that information down into things that you can use in your life, and reference in the future.

It can be overwhelming.

Is perfectionism getting in the way of reading books? For me, that’s part of the problem right now.

What if you lower the barrier to entry? What if you simply picked up a book that looks interesting, and skim through it? If you find something interesting or think a chapter might help you, give it a skim.

Don’t let your perfectionism keep you from taking action friends.