I Failed

I Failed

I could go on about excuses for why I didn’t, but when you pull back the curtains, it comes down to me not making the time for writing. I had a great weekend, did lots of fun things, but failed to make the time for this commitment.

It’s quite ironic that this post comes closely after “How to Never Fail Again.” Failure and success is quite an interesting topic, and something that I hope to write about more in the future.

Now that I’ve acknowledged that I’ve failed, there’s a couple of roads to go down now. I can talk down on myself, feel terrible about failing another project, and sink into a lull of motivation and productivity, giving up on the project and moving onto something else. Or, I can take this fail with my head held high, learn from it, and keep going.

I think I’ll take the second road this time. 

So what have I learned?

I’ve started to think that persistence is more important than consistency. I see consistency as taking action on your goals every day. I see persistence as taking action on your goals over a long period of time. The distance is more important than the sprint. It’s a marathon.

I’m going to keep going down this road. I’m not going to look back, only to learn from my mistakes. I’ll keep moving forward and trying my best, cause that’s all that I can do.