How to Take Action on the Things You Learn

How to Take Action on the Things You Learn

This post is heavily inspired, if not completely stolen, by MuchelleB’s video. I put my spin on her information here in order to have a better understanding of this topic myself. If you’re not already, please go subscribe to her wonderful content!

With a constant stream of knowledge available at our finger tips, it’s easy to fall into the habit of mindlessly consuming content. Even if you just read blogs and tweets, every hour you could parse through a life’s worth of information.

But why?

It’s easy to consume information, but it’s hard to take action on the insights we learn. Information is only as good as what we do with it.

In one of my ongoing efforts to consume less and implement more, here’s the system that I’ll be using.

  1. Consume Less
  2. Digest More
  3. Simplify and Condense
  4. Review Regularly

Consume Less

First you have to head to the chopping block. Pare down the quantity of content that you consume, and the sources which you receive said content. Spend most of your time consuming content from the sources that you really trust, the pro’s in your field.

Digest More

When you consume less, you have more time to take notes. Whatever note taking app or style you enjoy, just make sure you enjoy it and it’s useful for you.

Simplify & Condense

Once you’ve studied a piece, simplify it down into the main insights. What are the biggest action items that you can take away from this?

Regular Reviews

Finally, you’ll need to have this knowledge come up on a regular basis. This can either be through spaced repetition, habit formation, or otherwise implement it into your regular weekly reviews.

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