How to Never Fail Again

How to Never Fail Again

What is failure? Failure is defined as “lack of success” per Merriam Webster. The peculiar thing about failure is that we can rig the game to always win. You get to define success.

Most people don’t take the time to do that, however. Many follow society’s traditional definitions of success: massive amounts of money in the bank, a multi-million dollar mansion, a Lamborghini, millions of subscribers on YouTube, and to be famous.

If you just adopt those metrics of success, you’re probably going to fail.

Why not take the time and ask yourself what you really want to achieve? What does success look like to you?

You can set the bar as low as you want, as just showing up every day. This month, success looks like writing a post every day, not how many people read them. They don’t have to be a certain length, I just need to post. It’s in my locus of control, and it’s something that’s relatively easy to do.

Lower the bar to entry. Start curbing your perfectionism and taking action, no matter how small.