Hi.  It has been 8 months since my last confession, uh, err, posting?

Somewhere between the NSA and Mr. Snowden, (Eddie to his colleagues) and what I am hopeful in the future will be full disclosure via a Michael Lewis book, I have, with great deliberation and reluctance, decided to put on hiatus; joesmusings.com.  Yes, neutered was a conscious word choice, and most appropriate, feeling that if I had to compromise the contents herein, I might as well be “nad-less.”

I cannot say for certain when I will return on a regular basis, but you should not doubt that I will return.  It might be sooner than you think.  And when I do…”hell has no fury like a joeyv scorned.”

My bride, a little more boisterous than typical, wanted me to include this parting shot to me.  All I can say with the utmost conviction…GO BUCKEYES!  See you in Pasadena…LIVE.

Yours truly,





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